American Greed: NELK Boys Accused Of Scamming Their Fans With NFTs

On today’s episode of Ask Ryan, I’m talking all things NFT and Metaverse!

Nelk Fans Got Scammed –

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I haven’t researched in the NELK Boy’s NFT on my own, but I did watch some videos on it. Check it Spencrer’s video linked above! The NELK Boys made over $20 million on their NFT mint! Some people are having issues with their NFT dropping because afterwards, ethereum dropping significantly. Also, someone hacked the Discord and robbed some people of their meta cards. I’m not looking to invest in their project because I’m not sure how their NFTs have any outside value.

I think the metaverse has a hug potential for profits. The metaverse just held a huge gaming event that game away millions in prizes!

I reveal a bit about my own NFT! You all have been asking so much and I’m so excited for this project! I hope that my NFT owners get rich and get a lot of value not only from the price appreciation, but from the experiences they come with. I’ve been researching some of the successful and unsuccessful NFT’s and formulated my plan.

I share my thoughts on how to balance the metaverse and real life. Some people think that they metaverse will be a way to escape reality, but I think the metaverse will be valued more like social media rather than life.

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