Asset Tokenization 101 | Tokenization From Inside Out

Asset tokenization is gradually entering markets, democratizing them, and making them safer and more equitable. As businesses and individuals constantly find new objects to tokenize, the opinion that this phenomenon is temporary is no longer relevant.

But what to pay attention to if you are aiming at tokenizing assets? Luckily, in this video Alex Dolgov, a notable blockchain consultant, gives a thorough introduction to the topic, explaining the key points of what can become an asset, revealing the essence of a token, and dispelling concerns about this area.

So let’s figure out what asset tokenization looks like and how best to perform such a process.


00:00 What is asset tokenization?
00:36 Asset tokenization benefits
1:05 Risks behind asset tokenization
1:59 Asset-backed tokens — what are they?
2:27 Owning an asset directly vs owning an asset-backed token
2:52 Trade of tokenized assets on the secondary market
3:19 Industries applicable for tokenization
4:42 Reasons why the market shifts to tokenization
6:01 What to consider before participating in the token economy?
7:06 How to tokenize an asset?
8:44 Conclusion

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