Banksy NFT | Part Owner of a $12 mil Painting|

Howzit going guys? Steve from Broke to Wealthy. Apologies if I sound congested in this video, I recently was a little under the weather, but I have now recovered and ready to bring you the next video. We recently acquired 3 new NFT’s, bringing our total to 10 NFTs in our portfolio. These NFTs are held on the Avalanche blockchain, all the others are held on Ethereum. The main one we bought was a piece of a Banksy painting “Love is in the Air”. Purchased by a non-profit organization called Particles for $12 million in 2021, what particles have done is taken this painting and broken it up into 10,000 NFTs, essentially giving 10,000 individuals the opportunity at owning a piece of a multi-million dollar piece of art. This is revolutionizing the way people purchase art, and also creating opportunities for people to go from broke to wealthy.

Just to clarify, when I say “we” purchased something in my videos, I’m referring to myself, my wife and my son. We are all on this broke to wealthy journey together. My wife an I are building wealth that we can one day leave to our son. Back to Banksy. This NFT was purchased on an NFT exchange that is held on the Avalanche blockchain. Avalanche is another Layer 1 blockchain that is competing with Ethereum. Avalanche is faster and cheaper than Ethereum, but Ethereum is still miles ahead when it comes to decentralized apps, projects and developers. Avalanche is gaining ground and could prove to be a valuable competitor in the future. This Avalanche based marketplace is called kalao. I purchased the 3 NFTs here- Banksy Love is in the Air, Crypto dickheads and Avax Lions. All three are limited NFTs, which could offer a price increase if demand increases over time.

The whole idea with NFTs is to give individuals the chance at being part of an exclusive club. To receive a ticket to a limited asset that opens the door to events, projects, perks, rewards etc. As the future becomes more digital and as we move into Web 3.0, NFTs are going to play a crucial part. We like to not only invest in NFTs, but also in the blockchains that support them. The main two, in our opinion, that have proven themselves up until now, are Ethereum and Avalanche. Bitcoin is a whole different type of blockchain. Not financial advice, just my opinion.

I close out the video by showing you a virtual showing of my Avalanche NFTs. This is a neat virtual museum that can be explored on the kalao application. That’s the video for today guys. Thank you for watching. As always I’m extremely grateful for your support. I hope you got value out of this video. If you have any questions, please comment or send me a dm on instagram or twitter. Take care, keep investing, cheers!

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