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Best NFT Marketplaces To Buy Sell NFTs

Best NFT Marketplaces To Buy Sell NFTs
OpenSea Marketplace- https://opensea.io
Solanart Marketplace- https://solanart.io/
Rarible Marketplace- https://rarible.com/
SuperRare Marketplace- https://superrare.com/
Foundation Marketplace – https://foundation.app/
Binance Marketplace – https://binance.com
Pancakeswap Marketplace – https://pancakeswap.finance/nfts

00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Opensea
02:35 – Solanart
03:21 – Rarible
04:46 – Superrare
06:52 – Other Marketplaces

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Choosing the right NFT marketplace is about more than just where to sell your art. You need to consider which platform best suits the type of NFT you’re creating, how much if any, fee the marketplace will take per sale, and which blockchain it uses. Most use Ethereum but some are opting for the cheaper gas fees (the charge for creating the NFT) and better carbon footprint of newer blockchains.

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