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Show off your NFT in Party ! You can freely using it on public space and invite visitor to join with. Provide 10 official themes, also customizable layout design. Start here with just 3 steps.

Publish your art to the world by NFT is no longer complicated, but you just want to display it in the old school? Imagine Bored Ape, CryptoKitties, Cyber Sneaker, NBA Top Shot、Gods Unchained, etc displaying on traditional. Absolutely not! You need stylish animation tool and customizable frames to dress up.

As a No-Code PaaS display application development platform, BRICKS has designed a customizable module specifically for NFT digital collection. Users can design a CyberPunks-style dynamic frame for their CryptoPunks. All frames can be custom-made based on the date or related works. If you have the time-stamped files of the source code from Tim Berners-Lee, why not? lol

BRICKS provides a comprehensive online editing interface and animation design tools. It can also connect a variety of software and hardware such as IoT devices to control the display frame! In the blockchain era, there should be a more hacky display method. Let’s start to create your own unique NFT frame!

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