Create & Deploy a fun Holiday NFT DApp on Flow TestNet

In this video we go over how to make a DApp to mint Holiday NFTs. We do this from start to finish, so we:
1) Make the smart contracts
2) Make the DApp
3) Deploy the DApp so your friends and family can mint their own NFTs

ERROR NOTE: If you get the error: “Can’t resolve ‘http’ …” or “webpack 5…” when using fcl, you must change “react-scripts” to v4.0.3 in your package.json and `npm install` again

Hope you liked the video and thank you for such an amazing first 3 months of this channel! Maybe next year I will become a billionaire with thousands of subs 😉

DApp Source Code:
You can find the Smart Contracts here:

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00:00 – Smart Contracts
22:00 – Mint NFT Transaction
25:50 – Reading NFT Data Script
30:15 – Setting up our DApp
31:35 – Deploying our Contract to TestNet
36:43 – Creating our DApp
50:10 – IPFS Integration
54:15 – Minting NFTs
01:01:30 – Viewing NFTs
01:11:20 – Deploying our DApp to Netlify

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