CryptoZoo Logan Paul’s NFT Game | Everything you Need to Know & How to Buy

CryptoZoo Logan Paul’s NFT Game | Everything you Need to Know & How to Buy

In today’s video we break down Logan Paul’s new NFT Game CryptoZoo. CryptoZoo is set to go live September 1st and is Logan Paul’s first NFT game to date. I have done a lot of research on cryptocurrencies and NFTs so I think it’s time to create a series and dive in to learn more about Logan Paul’s new game.

In this video I talk about my experience with NFTs, NBA Topshot, Solarians, and finally dive in deeper and learn more about Logan Paul’s NFT Game CryptoZoo. I break down with the NFT is, how it works, what to expect, how to buy cryptozoo, and my game plan for when Cryptozoo goes live.

Logan Paul is launching his CryptoZoo on September 1st and I plan to be buying an NFT on day 1. I will document the journy every step of the way and will allocate about $1,000 for this series.

Let’s see what CryptoZoo has in store for us!

00:00 – Intro
1:37 – Context & Other NFTs
3:18 – CryptoZoo
4:10 – What is CryptoZoo
6:30 – How to Buy CryptoZoo
9:45 – CryptoZoo Fundamentals
10:40 – My Plan

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