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Join the collectables community and discover what collectables are increasing in value. The market changes from day to day but we stay on top of the latest news. Sports card news is one topic we love to cover on this channel. If a player gets traded or gets hurt it will effect their rookie card values so we talk about this information. Vintage sports cards is also cover as I am a collector of all types of vintage cards. We also look at collectable marvel & DC & Image statues and comics. Artwork from comic artist is another vertical we cover on this channel. Old vintage collectable toys are also covered on this YouTube Channel. The latest vertical that we started covering are NFT digital assets. We feel that this is the future of collectables and the spike in value and demand for digital assets on platforms such as Veve and Opensea proves that NFT collecting is growing in popularity. 

Discord for NFT Collectable Information: https://discord.gg/HkTqraRk 

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(0:00)sports cards investing
(1:00)basketball cards investing 
(2:00)baseball cards investing 
(3:00)football cards investing 
(4:00)nft investing
(7:00)marvel comics
(8:00)marvel nft

Tool I use for card price tracking:
https://www.sportscardinvestor.com/plans/?ref=48 –

eBay where I Find Card Deals

Where I get My Sports Gear

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