Finally, a good use of NFT: to protect street art.

Street art deserves a place within art history just as much as Cubism so it makes sense that they would be at the forefront of developments in the digital space where they can have their work seen by people beyond the location of the street art. those murals were gone—erased by their creators’ own hands. The works were never meant to live in that building. They were meant for the metaverse . It isn’t uncommon for street art to have a short lifespan Streeth isn’t alone. NFT Mural Collective was created by street artists to support the genre in the NFT market. one that turned the ephemerality of street art into a feature rather than a bug. In the days between the creation and obliteration of their works I expect NFT street artists to find new opportunities as commissioned artists. it was a tool that artists depended on which is focused exclusively on minting street art NFTs. 000 square feet of empty walls. The pieces ranged in style and subject from Wolfe Pack’s figurative piece celebrating dancer IceCold3000 to Jet Martinez’s pastel-colored contemporary work inspired by Mexican folk art. Within a few months says artist and founder Stacey Coon Wolfe-Goldsmith says. the new generation of street artists often works on city-sanctioned projects

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