How to Avoid Common Crypto NFT Art Scams on all Secondary Marketplaces

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One of the biggest problems we are seeing in the NFT space is a bunch of new people falling for scams. What we are going to cover in this video is exactly one of the best sure fire was to make sure you are not the next victim.

The top qualities to look for before you do anything is, join a projects discord. Check on the left side under official links and or announcements. These are channels that are locked from the general public having the ability to scam you or type unofficial links. When you are inside these channels all communications are generally from Admins or a member who is trusted on the team. What you want to look for is the official website link to mint or the official secondary marketplace link.

Do not click on any links being sent to your discord DMs. Admins inside of these projects will never reach out to you about minting or basically telling you anything. This goes for moderators as well. Simply ignore all of these DMs and only focus on the specific discord channel related to the project you are interested in. Find your way to announcements and or official links to save your funds.

If you fail to follows this concept, you will be scammed at some point. My personal friend literally fell for a scam as I was planning to make a video on this particular topic and I felt the need to make the video now versus later in our NFT series.

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