How to Connect Solana Phantom Wallet to OpenSea?

In this video, we are covering exactly how to attach your decentralized wallet Phantom to the secondary marketplace like OpenSea. How to create & edit your account. How to avoid scammy sites and make sure that you connect to verified sites you trust only. There are lots of scammers in this space, it’s the wild wild west. Be very cautious about what sites you connect to.

This is an extremely lucrative new technology. However, it is extremely risky. High-risk high reward. We are talking about gains if you understand enough of 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x, or even 1,000x+ gains.

Disclaimer* – None of this is financial advice and is only used for entertainment purposes. We are not liable for losses you may incur.

Types of Secondary market places:
Magic Eden

The main action and focus would be to use SOL on the Opensea marketplace. However keep in mind, that while everyone is using ETH and OpenSea, there are other opportunities to be gained by going where people are not focusing, first. For example Magic Eden. This way you are ahead of the curve.

Each layer has pros and con’s and we will discuss them later in other videos. Ethereum is the dominant player in this space and for the foreseeable future. The entire stock market one day will handle most likely all transactions on top of a cryptochain backbone.

Types of Exchanges

The goal is to get your cryptocurrency off these exchanges and transferred to a decentralized wallet like Metamask, Phantom Wallet, Binance Wallet, Phantom Wallet, or a Yoroi wallet. Once on the proper wallet depending on the marketplace, you want to use, this will allow you the ability to make purchases on the secondary market or mint before market.

Our main goal is to bring awareness to you about this phenomenon within the NFT space. What it is and ultimately how you can get involved. We plan to make weekly videos explaining everything. From upcoming projects, what to look out for, and our philosophy on trends to make those juicy, sick, dark alley, don’t talk about at the dinner table gains.


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