How To Create 100% Working Foundation NFT Creators Account

How To Create Fully Working NFT Foundation App Creators Accounts.

How to create Nft Foundation App account? – you can find out in this video.

Hello, Creator. Welcome to N F T influencer. Today i am going to show you, How to Create a Fully Working Foundation Account. If You don’t have Bitcoin wallet then get one now. I recommend MetaMask, because it is what i use, and, it is easy and simple to remember. I will leave a link, at the Video description, so help yourself. I know That Big Giant, Subscribe button is scary, but it will only cost you a whole super long 3 seconds, to hit it, and subscribe, to make my day better, so i can keep making more, supportive guide video for the community. Watch and Follow what i do from here on out.

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alright here we go.
Since i already have a wallet i don’t need one anymore but you do. so you will create one. Get the app on your phone or on your google chrome from google chrome web store rigester and then use the wallet address you were given to login here. so i will scan this barcode with my phone metamask app and it will create the account automatically.

1. First go to
2. Then select Connect wallet.
3. wait for it to connect or create a wallet.
4. Once you’ve done it you will automatically get an account.
5. The last thing we have to do is set up your Foundation account profile.
6. the follow others to grow faster.

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Link to website – but i think they are doing update cause i see as well.

link to Foundation creator – If you like Mangas

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0:00 – How to Create Fully working NFT creators account
0:10 – what is NFT
1:16 – Foundation app website
4:20 – Creating Metamask wallet
6:47 – Setting up profile
8:47 – Follow other accounts

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