How to Import NFT to Metamask wallet in 2022?

In this video, I will show you how to import NFT to the Metamask wallet. Let’s say you purchased some NFTs in the marketplace or in the presale or in the minting process. Now you want to see the NFTs that you own in the Metamask wallet, please follow the video for step by step tutorial to import the NFTs and display the NFTs in the wallet.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are created as ERC-721 standard. NFTs created in Binance smart chain are also implemented as ERC-721 so all the BSC NFTs can be imported to Metamask with this approach and all the NFTs that are created in the Ethereum network can be imported to Metamask.

If a user purchases NFT from a play to earn metaverse game and if the same NFT is stacked for a certain period then the user cannot view that NFT in his/her wallet as it is transferred to the Game’s stacking contract address. Once the user unstacks the NFT then it will be displayed in his/her wallet.

Currently, this approach works only for Metamask’s mobile app.

This tutorial answers the following questions.
How to Import NFTs to Metamask wallet?
How to view NFTs in Metamask wallet?
How to Check NFTs in Metamask wallet?
How to display NFT to Metamask wallet?
How to see NFTs in your Metamask wallet?


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