How to Mint Make Your Own NFTs on ADA Cardano

Mint NFTs cheap & easily on Cardano ADA STEP by STEP tutorial to create or make your own NFTs to sell. is the self service portal where I show you how to easily upload your jpeg file and for a small fee in Cardano, and then they turn your jpeg into an NFT non fungible token! And then you can sell your NFT on CNFT.IO!!! Cheap and easy to make nft art to sell! I show you step by step how to make an NFT non fungible token on
You need a Cardano compatible wallet, and Cardano ADA tokens, a jpeg file, and that is it! And then you can list your Cardano ADA NFT on an NFT marketplace to sell it such as CNFT.IO . I do not go into fees associated to selling NFTs, only the Cardano ADA fees that it will cost to make the NFT. So easy and fun! I got to say that Cardano Blockchain fees are so inexpensive that it will allow artists to create more NFTs and let their creativity explode without investing lots of money into creating NFTs that may or may not sell, thus lowering the risk.

I also have a 2 minute video for creating simple pixel art, that kind of look like popular NFTs here: How to Make NFT Pixel Art in Photoshop:

What the Heck is an NFT? NFTs Explained Simply!

Links from video to help you to create your own NFT non fungible token:
Search for cost to make a Cardano nft here on NFT-Maker:

List Cardano NFTs for sale in the NFt marketplace:

Read the full article about Cardano becoming a big player in the NFT Marketplace here:

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