How to mint “Tails of the After Glow” (TAG) Profile Picture | NFT

Foxes! Public Minting is near! Before it goes live on April 7, 12:00 PM UTC (GMT +8); 8:00 PM PH Time, we want to make sure you are RD to G!

Don’t worry because we’ve got it all for you, whether you’ll be using a laptop, a mobile phone, or a tablet!

Now, Klao is here to guide us to mint our TAG NFTs smoothly and successfully.

Be reminded again of possible phishing sites as this will only be our official minting site: [](

Lastly, check us out to be updated on our announcements.

Facebook: [](
Discord: [](
Twitter: [](
Instagram: [](
Website: [](

Come on! Let’s get those foxes!

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