How to Setup Yoroi Web Wallet to Purchase NFT on CNFT IO on Cadano (ADA) NFT

I will teach you how to set up Yoroi Wallet for Cadano (ADA) on Chrome Browser to purchase NFT from CNFT.IO. First, you need to go to Official link provided below. Click on download. In my case, I chose Chrome browser plugin. Download and install the Chrome plugin from official Google Chrome Web store. Should be offered by with 300,000+ users download. Remember there are fake Yoroi wallet extensions out ther to steal your funds beware of those. After downloading Yoroi web wallet extension, you must enable it in the Chrome or Brave plugin window. In Brave browser, I click enable to enable the Yoroi wallet plugin. Click the Yoroi wallet plugin button on the right side of address bar. Select language. Mine is English. Click Continue. Allow Cardano URL. Next, Yoroi want to Open Web+ cardano link. Click Allow for the pup ups. Click Finish. Now you are ready for creating a Cardano wallet.

Secondly, click create wallet because you are creating a brand-new wallet. If you have previously created wallet with private key, you can click restore wallet to restore account with previously created private key. You will be using Restore Wallet option to recover funds from your Mnemonic phrases you will be creating next. Now click Create Wallet. Chose Cardano. Enter your wallet name and Spending password. You’re going to remember that. Click the check mark. Makesure no one sees you recovery phrase or the mnemonic phrase. Print and store this menmonic or recover phrase and store in safe place for future recovery when your computer is enabled to boot. Enter the recovery phrase one by one word into the list. Click continue. Click the accept the terms and conditions. This is complete the Yoroi wallet creation for Cadano. Cadano’s version of metamask web 2.0 wallet.

Next, if you want to purchase NFT in CNFT io website, you want to add funds to CNFT connected wallet. What is CNFT.IO? CNFT.IO is a marketplace for Cardano Non-Fungible Tokens, launched in July 2021 is officially the first marketplace on Cardano. Here are there the step to add funds to CNFT linked wallet. Go to your dashboard. Click on wallet.

To add a wallet, here is the TRANSACTION INSTRUCTIONS provided:
1. Send the EXACT displayed ADA amounts to the wallet address provided.
Hint: use the copy button to copy address and exact ADA amount!
2. Please ensure your payment is complete before the timer ends.
3. Once complete, you will receive ADA back into your wallet minus the Cardano network fees.
DO NOT SEND FROM AN EXCHANGE. Only send ADA from a supported wallet i.e. Daedalus, Yoroi, or Adalite.
Alternatively, you can connect with Nami using the button provided!

After funded you CNFT linked Cardano wallet, you can purchase Cardano NFT directly from the CNFT IO website. I would send exchange Cardano funds from (for Non US users) and Binance.US (for US users) to this Yoroi wallet. Then send this test amount show above to link your wallet to NFT account.

Finally, I will show you how to purchase Cardano NFT directly from the CNFT IO website. Since you have a Cardano liked wallet with CNFT site from the previous step, you go directly to the CNFT marketplace site. Browser for NFT that is unique. Look for NFTs that are very rear. I would stay away from NFT that was minted with quantity of more than 1 (especially ones with 100,000 minted). More rears the NFT more valuable it gets. You only should purchase NFT from verified users. You want to find NFTs with very large communities of follows. Check up the Twitter follows if they have few thousand follow of the project, more likely the NFT is valuable. You also want to check for NFTs that have bought and sold with increase value. This signifies market for that particular NFT. Last thing, you want to get stuck with a NFT that you cannot sell for a profit or even sell at all. If there is no one to purchase it no good on holding that NFT right now. I could not find sell history on CNFT site at the moment. Comment below if you find a way to get sell history of NFTs in CNFT website. You can search for NFTs with max price range and verified users. Always check twitter follows for that users to gauges popularity of that NFT minting user.

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