Introduction | 9Cat – The #PlaytoEarn #NFT 2D Survival Shooter Game in #Metaverse

In this video, I give you an introduction to 9Cat and a brief overview of the website, the whitepaper and the social media channels. Made with love by your fellow moderator!

The 9Cat collection is the debut set of NFT playable characters for the upcoming 2D play to earn survival shooter game, 9Cat Saga Adventure. The 9Cat Saga Adventure is part of the play to earn gaming metaverse known as the 9Metaverse developed by a group of seasoned game developers based out of Hong Kong. Each 9Cat NFT grants the holders access to the 9Cat Saga Adventure game, the ability to earn 9Photon tokens, and the ability to generate 9Milk tokens. 9Milk tokens can be used for personalization, as well as breeding 9Cats if you have two or more 9Cat NFTs.
Early adopters who purchase and hold a 9Cat NFT prior to the Alpha game launch will receive 🌟OG status🌟which grants access to 💎special in-game perks, 💎bonus programs and 💎discord flair.

Here are some links to everything mentioned in the video:

Opensea Collection:

If you have any questions or would like to meet us, feel free to reach out to us via the Discord Community 🙂

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