Learnings from the World of Women NFT community: what makes it special?

The World of Women NFT collectible has become one of the top-ranking NFTs with an engaged community on Discord. After spending a lot of time analyzing their community I have identified key traits that have helped this one stand out over many other projects. (If you want to skip ahead to the quick 5 min summary, check out from 12:09 onwards).
More information on World of Women: https://worldofwomen.art/
Want to view them on the marketplace? Look for the blue tick for the legitimate World of Women collection: https://opensea.io?ref=0xe0ab55f7f5ca…
The amazing World of Women artist Yam is on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/YKarkai
If you need help with your community, reach out to me via https://communitycoach.me

Please be advised that I own NFTs. The content of this channel is intended FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES, not financial or investment advice. I am only sharing my learnings on how to build a great NFT community (or you can take these learnings from the NFT community world to your own community)! Please take this information and do your own research.

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