Logan Paul’s ENTIRE NFT Portfolio REVEALED

YouTuber Logan Paul has stunned fans after disclosing the amazing total quantity of cash he spent on NFTs throughout 2021.

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, have actually seen a big surge in appeal throughout 2020 and also 2021, with anything from memes to art items going for unbelievable costs.

TikTok even released their really own collection of ‘Top Moments’, seeing some of the platforms most viral developers collaborate with prominent musicians on restricted edition NFTs.

YouTuber Logan has shown a specific interest worldwide of NFTs throughout 2021, and also introduced his very own project, CryptoZoo, back in August.
Currently, Paul has actually shared with followers the overall amount of money he invested in NFTs alone in 2021, as well as the figure is ridiculous.
In the screenshot of his end-of-year round-up, it was disclosed that he has actually gotten 139 NFTs from 16 collections at an overall of $2.645 million.

The highest possible rate he paid was 188.00 ETH and the initial collection he acquired was Globe of Female.
It’s safe to say that Logan has actually gone all-out on his interest in the phenomenon, not avoiding investing some serious money to purchase over one hundred NFTs.

Although followers don’t know exactly what the YouTuber purchased, he has actually shared numerous minutes of his trip online along the way.

He’s received some crazy offers over the months, even being used $630,000 for his favored CryptoPunk, which also he confessed was “crazy for a jpeg.”

In August he elevated some eyebrows after investing $60,000 and $95,000 to acquire 2 NFTs that appeared like pixelated rocks, once more confessing: “I understand it’s absurd however it’s digital background as well as I believe they’re rather awesome.”
It doesn’t appear like Logan is intending on decreasing on the NFT front, and also there’s no question there are a variety of followers who are thrilled to see what the YouTuber can end up purchasing following.

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