NEW Housing Market Boom | Introduction To NFT’s And Virtual Real Estate

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If you’ve been sitting on the fence waiting for the housing market to crash to make your riches investing in real estate… your wait could be over due to a new craze called NFT trading.

This is virtual real estate that is bought and sold in, of all places, video games.

That’s right. There’s a NEW housing market that’s set to explode, and we’re at the “ground level.”

These NFTs are essentially unique, non-exchangeable tokens that have the potential to appreciate significantly in value.

And right now, there’s a digital land grab going on for NFTs and virtual real estate in the metaverse. Due to the popularity of video games and the importance of in-game purchases, these new tokens are becoming highly valuable investments.

This is all part of the trend towards increased digitalization. And as an investor, you should know what’s going on here, and how you can profit from it.

After all, real estate deals are surging and people are making millions from NFT trading! I’ll show you where… and how!

0:50 – What is virtual real estate?
1:36 – What are NFTs?
2:36 – How the NFT craze is growing among celebrities.
3:44 – What NFT trading means for real estate.
5:00 – What is a metaverse?
6:20 – What makes these NFTs so valuable?
7:32 – Virtual prices are now comparable to physical real estate prices.
8:38 – The future of real estate (and reality)?
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