NFT Champions | How to get started

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0:00 Intro
1:36 Set up a Binance account
2:24 Hot to buy Matic and send it to your Metamask
5:30 Important info about NFT Champion ecosystem
6:25 Why you should care about the CHAMP token
7:45 How to buy the CHAMP token
10:02 Hot to register for NFT CHAMPIONS Marketplace
11:34 NFT Champion Marketplace explained
14:50 Passive rewards
15:28 CLosing thoughts

Buy Crypto on Binance in order to send it to your metamask:…
Set up your metamask:
Add the polygon matic network to your metamask:
NFT champions on coingecko:
NFT champions marketplace:

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This is not a financial advise and i am not a financial advisor.

Everybody should consult his or hers financial advisor before making crypto investments.

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