NFT FTW – AMA with Phantom Network 👻

On the 3rd of April we had Pants, one of the 3 Co-founders of Phantom Network, over in our community for an AMA (ask me anything) in our stage channel.

You can find a link to all questions either at the bottom of this description or at the timestamps within the video. The timestamps also provide a short description of the current topic at hand. Enjoy!

💬 Our Community Server:

📚 Project Informations:

Discord Server: closed
Supply: 10.000
Phantom Operatives: 100
Mint Date: TBA
Mint Price: TBA

⏳ Timestamps / Questions

0:00 Introduction
0:58 Pants: About Me
2:55 What does Phantom Network mean?
4:50 Long Term Goals
5:55 Utility in PXN
6:37 Whitepaper Release
8:16 Mint Infos
9:03 Connection to other projects
10:09 Collaborations
11:39 Media Plans
13:24 Biggest Pro and Con for PXN
17:50 Factions after Mint
20:57 Phantom Operatives & Community
25:15 How involved will holders be?
26:56 Benefits of Holding
29:58 Access Levels & Whitelist
36:05 Mods & Staff
37:46 Surprises (personal)
39:54 Best Moments (personal)
41:19 Marketing
43:22 Expertise in PXN
45:49 Pants’ Humour
46:34 Team & Track Record
49:30 Hiring
51:10 PXN Grey Market
57:58 Outro

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