NFT Games 2022 | How To Play Planet IX | Valuable NFT MINT

NFT Games 2022 | How To Play Planet IX | Valuable NFT MINT

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Welcome to our NFT Games 2022 Video!

planet IX is a GameFi strategy game, where the mission is to explore the world, collect NFTs, trade them on our Marketplace, challenge each other in Play-to-Earn games and reap rewards from various DeFi functionalities. However, the game does not stop there. Your digital footprint in this environment will also create a sustainable real-world impact.

Planet IX is a crypto game.

Or to be exact – An NFT-based strategy game. With a virtual copy of planet earth as your arena, your goal is to restore the planet to its former green and blue glory – and you do it by collecting virtual pieces of land called PIX. Planet IX happens to consist of a humble 1,6 billion PIX, all of which also are individual NFT:s.
So. Your mission is simple.
Collect as many PIX as possible and help build the planet of tomorrow.

In order to play you must connect Planet IX with a Web3 wallet. In this section you will find guides from some wallets that we recommend. As Planet IX is operating on the Ethereum-based Polygon Network, you will need to add that to your wallet in order to trade and store your ERC20-tokens and NFT assets.

Firstly, you will need to connect your Web3-Wallet to Planet IX. In this section you have guides to the vendors we recommend.

Metamask guid on how to connect to Planet IX
Step 1. Login to your Planet IX account.
Step 2. Click your avatar in the top right corner of the page. You should now reach the following screen:
Step 3. Now click “Connect Web3 Wallet” and it will prompt your MetaMask Web3 Wallet Extension in the top right corner of your screen. It will should look like this:
Step 4. Click “Next” in the bottom right corner of the prompt and you should be taken here:
Click “Connect” and you’re done!

How to connect your trustwallet to PlanetIX
To link your trustwallet to your planet ix account first go to and login to your planet ix account. Once logged in press on the menu in the top right and press account settings:

Next to connect your trust wallet to planetix press approve digital wallet

Now press WalletConnect
Then select TrustWallet to connect your digital wallet
The TrustWallet app will then, open sign in and approve this message to link your planetix account to trustwallet.
After this go back to your browser and your planet ix account and TrustWallet will be connected. If done correctly it will look like this, with your wallet address shown.


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