NFT Mint | Upcoming NFT Drops | Flair Finance NFT

NFT Mint | Upcoming NFT Drops | Flair Finance NFT

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Welcome to Our NFT Mint Video!

Flair is an NFT launchpad and escrow protocol, helping responsible projects to establish trust with their community, through features like mint-payment vesting and return & refund for NFTs.

In web3 code is law, so Flair provides accountability through code. We create smart contracts, APIs and SDK for developers; and analytics, reports, and management dashboard for creators and founders.
Our platform helps value creators such as musicians, artists, game developers raise funds by selling their NFT assets, while establishing trust with their community.

Getting Started
Mint-escrow for your NFT collection
You can use Flair to escrow payments when collectors mint your NFTs which gives them peace of mind. Collector payments will be slowly released to you, over an agreed-upon period. For example you can receive 20% of mint payments immediately, and receive the rest over 90 days, on hourly basis.

Flair provides escrow for minting NFTs to establish trust and attract more collectors. Collectors’ payments will be escrowed and slowly released to project creators. This creates a higher accountability and increases collectors’ confidence in project roadmaps.

Flair Finance Use Cases
Create a community around a certain topic or cultural activity and mint PFP NFTs as a way for people to express their interest and involvement in your movement.
Example: Doodles Community
Launch a campaign for your music album, sell NFTs, get enough initial funds to start, work on your songs and receive funds hourly as you work.
Example: Daniel Allan
Launch a campaign for your video game, sell characters or rare items of the game, get enough initial funds to kick-start your work.
Example: Koin Games Dev Squad
Launch a campaign for your animation series, sell NFTs of your characters, e.g. with a profile-picture style, get enough funds to kickstart on your pilot episode, receive funds hourly as you build new episodes.
Example: Unicorn Detective Agency Animation Series
Projects like Starcatchers NFT have proven that this model is positively received by the community of NFT collectors, after so many irresponsible rug-pulls done by other projects:


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