Nyan Cat NFT sold for 500k usd, the crazy world of Non fungible token art(in 1 minute)

Almost 10 years after its creation
Nyan cat NFT was just sold for 300ETH

But What are NFT’s ?

Chris Torres the creator of Nyan Cat remastered his original work and sold a token that act as a certificate of authenticity, although the
work itself can be duplicated, the token representing the art is unique and stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Everyone can check who the owner is and what else does he own.
As we can see he owns 2 Nyan Cat, one happy days and some crypto punks

This is quite a revolution for the digital art world as anyone can now own and sell digital work

Link to Fundation website NFT marketplace

Interview with Chris torres

Song: Brook Xiao – Fire (feat. Rachel Horter)
[NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds
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