Rarity Researcher Tool Chrome Extension for Open Sea – How To Use

Hey fellow NFT folks! I wanted to share a free chrome extension I made that helps you quickly check Rarity.Tools rankings for NFTs on OpenSea.

Download link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/rarity-tool-researcher/gagfonbgflhdcnlefcmlpcblpkflkafl?hl=en

1) How does it work?
It functions by adding a Rarity.tools ranking page below each OpenSea NFT (As long as they are listed on rarity.tools)

All you have to do is open up an OpenSea collection page (e.g. https://opensea.io/collection/veefriends), switch it on and then click on NFTs which interest you.

2) Is it safe?

It is 100% safe and has no malicious code. If you have doubts you can also download first, and check the package content javascript file of the chrome extension (super easy how to, just google it)

3) On what pages does it work?
Any OpenSea page which has the word “collection” in the URL. For example

Here is a short youtube video tutorial: https://youtu.be/Yq3lqPf4BmU

Appreciate any feedback you can give and if you would like to give it a spin.


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