Robinhood UPDATE – Crypto Wallets, NFT’s, Accounts HACKED, and more!

In this video, I go over some recent Robinhood stock and platform updates.
Cathie wood recently bought more Robinhood after the stock dipped 10%! They reported a bad quarter due to decreasing crypto purchasing from account holders.

They have made multiple improvements to the platform since they IPO’d, and
I talk about a few of them that I think are important. Robinhood
has announced they will feature an actual crypto wallet on the platform.
This is a big improvement, because currently you don’t actually
possess the crypto on Robinhood, you are trusting them to hold it for you.
The wallets are being tested right now, and should go live Q1, 2022.

Robinhood has also finally added customer support phone calls. Before,
their customer support functions were very limited, so this is also a
much needed improvement.

Robinhood was hacked! They reported over 7 million customers
accounts were accessed, but there was no financial loss. With the new
crypto wallet coming soon, Robinhood seems to be focusing
more and more on security, and hopefully they can prevent
this type of breach in the future.

Ultimately, Robinhood seems to be making positive changes
and improvements, despite their drop in earnings. In the future
I’ll be looking for more consistency with their revenue and income,
and platform development. If they can continue improving, and become
more consistent, it definitely may be a stock I look into buying.

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0:25-Who is Cathie Wood?
1:00-Cathie Wood buys more Robinhood stock
1:15-Robinhood stock update
2:25-Crypto wallets
3:10-Crypto wallet features
3:52-ETF Breakdown
4:12-New warnings
4:54-Customer support phone line
5:40-Robinhood Hacked!
6:20-My take on the stock

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