“Shooter: from A to Z” NFT collection by WePlay Collectibles


If you ever wondered about defining slang, it’s a vocabulary used between people who belong to the same social group and know each other well. It’s good that esports allows you to be on the same wavelength and belong to this group without knowing each other personally. Slang unites us!

Our NFT collection “Shooter: from A to Z” consists of famous words and phrases associated with popular first-person shooter games — the things that are near and dear to shooter fans, minted to become one-of-a-kind NFT items.

This particular collection is hosted on the Polygon blockchain. We chose it to minimize the environmental impact of our NFTs and avoid additional transaction costs for collectors. To purchase tokens on Polygon through OpenSea, you will need to bridge your Ethereum (ETH) into Polygon (PoS). Read more here.

We hope this NFT collection will help you set the game on fire.

So, word up!

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