The SAFEST way to store NFTs in a wallet (step-by-step)

In this video I’m going to be sharing the gold standard for NFT safety and the easiest way to get set up.

This is going to involve a few things: 1) a Metamask wallet, 2) a hardware wallet (Trezor) and 3) best practices around seed phrase/password storage. I’ll be starting completely from scratch since I haven’t seen a similar guide anywhere on YouTube.

The reason we need a video specifically for NFT storage is that NFT usage is a little different than other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin because you need more frequent access to your NFTs for different interactive experiences online, compared to something like Bitcoin where if we’re seeing it more as a store of value like gold then you really only need to touch it on rare occasions when you’re looking to sell. For example, to get access to the Bored Ape Yacht Club website you need to have a Bored Ape in Metamask, and without the hardware wallet connection to Metamask this can be risky.

And finally I go over a couple of recent hacks and what can be done to prevent future ones.

This is a new channel where I cover NFT and social token projects from an investor’s standpoint as someone who used to be a licensed stock analyst. If you enjoy this content you should, like, totally subscribe 🙂

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0:00 Intro
1:11 Agenda
1:41 PSA
2:08 Setting up Metamask
3:51 The limits of Metamask
4:37 Managing NFTs in Metamask
5:36 Do you need a hardware wallet?
6:15 My hardware wallet choice
6:44 Important: do hardware wallets support NFTs?
7:28 Setting up a Trezor wallet
10:02 Transferring an NFT to Trezor
11:12 Sending an NFT FROM a Trezor
12:08 How to secure your seed phrase
13:50 It’s a beautiful thing
14:37 How not to get hacked online

Items discussed on this video:

Plastic sleeves:
Fire proof safe:

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