Top Avalanche Ecosystem Projects To Watch in Q4 | JOE, Avalaunch, Topps NFT’s, Kalao VR NFT’s & More

Hustlepedia is back with another Avalanche ecosystem update, today I want to dive into some of my favorite projects for massive growth potential in the upcoming Altcoin season for Q4 2021. The AVAX ecosystem is growing by the day, as more and more projects are building on the Avalanche C-Chain, and there are major gains to be made during the development of this newly forming ecosystem. From DEX protocols like Trader Joe (JOE) and Pangolin (PNG), Launchpads like Avalaunch, low market cap Liquidity platforms such as Blizzard Network (BLIZZ) and Snowball (SNOB), and NFT projects such as Kalao, a virtual world built on VR for the future of owning and displaying your NFT collectibles as an art form, and the Topps NFT MLB project, who’s next pack drop is October 4th.

There are so many more projects I would like to cover, and there will be many more AVAX ecosystem gems on the channel throughout Q4!

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0:00 Intro
1:24 Trader Joe
3:28 Pangolin
6:04 Avalaunch – Access to AVAX IDO’s
7:58 Kalao – Virtual NFT VR World
11:38 Blizzard Network
14:02 Snowball
15:07 Topps MLB NFT’s – Next Pack October 4th
17:20 Outro


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