Topps MLB NFTs Explained (Should You Invest?) | MLB NFT Pack Opening!

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This video covers Topps MLB NFTs.

I’ll cover the MLB Topps Release, MLB Topps NFT Cards, MLB Topps Market, MLB Topps Standard Pack Opening, and MLB Topps Premium Pack Opening

0:00 Intro
0:18 Topps MLB NFT Overview
1:49 Topps MLB NFT Release Site
1:58 Topps MLB Marketplace
3:11 Topps MLB Individual Card Breakdown
4:49 Topps MLB 4-20 Release and Drop Issues
5:52 What MLB Topps Packs I got
7:15 The Best Site to Monitor Topps MLB NFT Marketplace
8:03 Standard Pack Opening
9:28 Topps MLB NFT Premium Pack Opening #1 (Mind Blowing Prices)
11:31 Topps MLB NFT Premium Pack Opening #2 (LOL Prices)
14:07 My Topps MLB NFT Strategy for Infinite ROI
15:03 Topps MLB NFT Market Update
15:40 Risks of Investing in Sports NFTs

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