Why I’m Investing in NFT Sports Cards More and Not Just Slabs,Waxs,Cards

In this video I discuss all the reasons why I’m investing it into NFT sports cards. A lot of new companies are getting into NFT space and it’s getting more popular. Years down the road we’re not gonna need these physical sports cards that we have now it’s gonna be more NFT people are buying and people are trading in my opinion. That’s why I’m starting to build my position in these NFT right now and why you should two. We will go over the fourth spot I get the NFT.
1. draft kings has NFT
2. Panini has NFT
3. NBA top shot NFT
4. Open sea NFT

Places To Find Sports Card Items)
1. Target in store sports cards
2. Target online sports cards
3. CVS In store sports cards
4. Rite Aid in store sports cards
5. Walgreens sports cards
6. Barnes and noble sports cards
7. Big Lots sports cards
8. Walmart sports cards
9. Hobby Lobby sports cards
10. DOLLAR STORE sports cards

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